CargoLite Services LLC offers much more than a traditional dispatch service. Our team consists of individuals with extensive experience in the industry, including former drivers, brokers, and people who have held management positions in successful trucking companies during their careers. We cover all aspects of your business, with key benefits including: Load scheduling, paperwork management, round-the-clock support, and the potential to increase profits by up to 50%.

Booking Loads

At CargoLite Services LLC, we make load scheduling easy. Our experts work closely with direct customers and trusted brokers and scheduling appointments if needed. Our extensive experience means we can spot potential issues before they become problems. Even prior to your drivers hitting the road, our team ensures all appointments are in order, avoiding tricky facilities with poor reviews, strict appointment requirements, and those we’ve had trouble with before.

We don’t rely on just one source; we use multiple load boards to find the best loads for you. Count on us for efficient, hassle-free load bookings that keep your business moving forward.

Handling Paperwork

We take care of all your paperwork needs, both before and after load booking. From setting up packages to rate confirmations, insurance certificates, lumper codes and receipts, to notices of assignment (NOA), bills of lading (BOL), proof of delivery (POD), and invoices, we’ve got you completely covered.

When it comes to financial security, we prioritize your peace of mind. Credit checks and unpaid load checks due to missing paperwork are processed exclusively through your factoring company account to ensure you’re always getting a payment for the loads.

Our meticulous tracking extends to every aspect of your shipment, including detentions, layovers, overage invoices, and additional miles. Plus, we keep a close eye on driver logs to ensure compliance and accountability throughout the process.

24/7 Support

CargoLite Services LLC offers dispatch services for long-haul, regional, and local carriers, providing access to both spot market and dedicated lanes.

Our commitment to service means we offer daily updates on your shipments, conduct regular check-ins with drivers and brokers, and closely monitor our email correspondence each day.

We go beyond the basics by assisting with finding the nearest repair shops and organizing roadside service when needed. In simple terms, we provide comprehensive road support.

But what truly sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to the drivers. We don’t just treat them as customers; we consider them part of our family. At CargoLite Services LLC, we foster a friendly and professional environment that satisfies both sides, ensuring your operations running smoothly.

Optimizing Expenses

We hold a significant advantage over competitors by focusing on route optimization to boost your profits.

Taking care of all the complex calculations, including miles, tolls, fuel prices, inbound, and outbound rates, will ensure that every mile counts towards your success.

Our dedication to cost-efficiency means we provide the tools and expertise you need to keep your expenses in check. We’ll help you minimize unnecessary costs while maximizing your revenue.

In addition, we are committed to securing the best market rates for our partners through ongoing negotiations. Your bottom line is our top priority, and we’re here to help you achieve the maximum profit potential for every shipment.

To ensure smooth management of your business, we have put together a specialized team consisting of 3 important roles

Dispatch Supervisor

Dispatch Supervisor

Dispatch Agent

Dispatch Agent

Track and Trace Agent

Track and Trace Agent

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