Pieces of the Puzzle: Missing Parts in Dispatcher-Driver Communication

In this text, we won’t write about the reasons why it’s crucial for an owner-operator to have the support of a dispatch service and how to find the best fit for their business. We’ve covered that in our previous blogs, which you can check out on our website. https://cargoliteservices.com/blog/

What are the pieces of the puzzle that make dispatcher-driver communication effective?

In this blog, we want to explore some new questions like: What does the daily communication between truck drivers and their dispatcher look like? Despite investing in their business and paying for dispatch services, why do drivers often feel disappointed? Also, why do dispatchers sometimes struggle to find the right balance in communication with their drivers, who frequently stop answering their phones and seem to disappear? We hope to be able to come up with some useful answers to these questions that aren’t widely discussed but are definitely part of the everyday challenges in the transportation industry.

  • Daily obligations of both sides:
  • We’re witnessing significant changes in the transportation sector happening almost daily, with various challenges faced by drivers, carriers, and the logistics industry as a whole. The expectations from dispatch services are high, given the increasing costs for owner-operators, leaving no room for errors. However, we must emphasize the importance of mutual collaboration, as the only way to achieve good results. It’s crucial to highlight here that logistics encompasses all operation points connected for a reason. Shippers, brokers, carriers, and dispatch services should operate as one for a common interest.
  • But let’s get back to the dispatcher-driver relationship. As mentioned, mutual collaboration is necessary, meaning there are duties both sides need to fulfill on a daily basis. Dispatchers are responsible for assigning pickups and deliveries , addressing the challenges faced by drivers, and ensuring efficient operations. On the flip side, drivers should inform their dispatchers about anything that might effect their schedule: hours available, delays at a shipper/receiver, upcoming home time requests, upcoming truck maintenance, an illness or things of that nature. Dispatcher should know he can count on the information his driver provides. You should never answer your dispatcher’s question like the guy in the following video:
  • Finding the right balance in communication:
  • Like most things in life, finding the balance in your work is always a good practice. We all know that communication between drivers and dispatchers is crucial, but the question arises: what’s the right balance? Can dispatchers checking in too often come off as annoying micromanaging? However, does too little contact give the impression that your dispatcher isn’t doing enough for you?
  • Let’s circle back to finding that sweet spot – the right balance is key, and knowing your duties makes it easier to attain it. If your driver isn’t a fan of too many phone calls, maybe sending messages is a better way to keep them informed about minor changes, but regular updates are still crucial. Dear drivers, even if you sometimes dread picking up the phone, know that every call means someone’s taking care of your business. You don’t have to discuss personal matters with your dispatchers, and you can certainly maintain a professional distance, but keep them informed about anything work-related.
  • The role of mutual respect:
  • Building long-lasting relationships in business is not easy. But over time, with mutual respect towards each other, a dispatcher and his owner-operator can have solid collaboration with great results. In our dispacth service, we believe it is very important to ask for a feedback from our customers.
  • This is what our carrier, Jiga Transport LLC, says about our services and the importance of building trust with your dispatcher.

CargoLite: How did you decide to get into a trucking business, and what are the biggest challenges so far?

Jiga Transport LLC: Well, I’ve always had this thing for the open road, and trucking just seemed like the normal choice for me. Been on it for a while now, and I can’t complain. Sure, there are challenges, but I guess that’s just part of the adventure. It keeps things interesting.

CargoLite: When did you start working with CargoLite Services LLC, and have you been satisfied so far?

Jiga Transport LLC: It was back in June 2023. So far, it’s been a pretty smooth ride, and I can’t say I have any complaints. You guys have been holding up your end of deal, and that’s what matters.

CargoLite: What benefits have you experienced by partnering with our dispatch service, and how have they impacted your business?

Jiga Transport LLC: The whole setup is professional, and your team is friendly, which is a big deal for me. I don’t have to stress about the little details, you guys handle it. More time for me to focus on the road and my truck

CargoLite: Can you tell us about the relationship with the dispatcher you’ve been working with?

Jiga Transport LLC: I work with Mark. He’s the best guy on the team, no doubt. He gets what I need, and we’ve built this trust over time. Communication’s good, and he’s always on top of things.

CargoLite: In your opinion, what particular skills should an excellent dispatcher possess?

Jiga Transport LLC: Well, they’ve gotta be great at planning. Finding the best loads, nailing the timing – that’s the key. It’s a skill needed. Plus, they should know the road, the routes, and have this sixth sense about what works best for us drivers.

CargoLite: Would you recommend CargoLite Services LLC to other companies and owner-operators:

Jiga Transport LLC: Absolutely, from the bottom of my heart. If you’re in the trucking game and need a good dispatch service, these guys are the real deal. Highly recommended, no doubt about it.


Achieving the right balance in communication, fulfilling daily obligations, and fostering mutual respect contribute to a thriving collaboration. Real-world testimonials, like that of Jiga Transport LLC, underscore the positive impact of effective communication and trust in the dispatcher-driver relationship.

In this dynamic industry, success lies in the synergy between all involved parties, working together toward shared goals. Therefore, the logistics puzzle fits together when everyone understands their role and collaborates effectively.

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